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2023/2024 WINTER

Uphill Skiing (Skinning) Policy



We highly recommend wearing brightly colored clothing for visibility purposes. This policy shall not allow for uphill hiking, snowshoeing, or any other means of uphill travel. Tenney Mountain is a recreational ski and snowboard hill and all uphill travel must include the use of skins or the appropriate ski/snowboard equipment.


Said skinners (skiers) shall be responsible for understanding and following CHAPTER 225-A SKIERS, SKI AREA AND PASSENGER  TRAMWAY SAFETY Section 225-A:24 and the “Responsibility Code,” as set forth by National Ski Areas Association (NSAA).

FIRST TRIP UP – 09:00am

Uphill touring may commence once the Hornet lift and ski patrol have cleared the front side of the mountain. Please do not come prior to the mountain opening. Groomers spend the late night and early morning making our mountain beautiful for YOU. Do no risk serious injury for sunrise tours.

LAST TRIP UP – 3:00pm

We stop uphill traffic for skinning pass holders promptly at 3pm. If patrol encounters you while traveling uphill during their sweep, you are required to turn around and ski down.


Skinning shall occur ONLY during normal hours of operation, while lifts are turning at Tenney Mountain and when the designated route is considered “open” for normal ski area operations. Off-hours access to Tenney slopes is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Skinning and grooming/snowmaking at night do not mix and those that violate the rules, jeopardize the entire program and risk serious injury.


The prescribed skinning route shall be (from the bottom up):

Starting from the base of the Hornet lift skinners will follow the Morning Glory keeping to the “Downhill Skier’s Left”


In case of emergency, call Lakes Region Dispatch (603) 524-1545. Be aware there is no Patrol services outside of operating hours, and ski area buildings are closed.


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